Soil health and why it matters

Soil health is vital to support a healthy vibrant lawn.  When the soil is healthy and in good condition it supports a number of factors which encourage a healthy and attractive lawn: good soil structure is encouraged by diverse organisms and a strong soil food web.. This allows water to infiltrate quickly and be held…

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Lawn compaction and solving the problem

dealing with compaction in lawns

Compaction in lawns refers to the process of pressing down or compacting the soil in a lawn This can occur due to a variety of factors such as foot traffic or heavy machinery Compacted soil can lead to a host of problems in a lawn including poor drainage, reduced air circulation, and limited root growth.…

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Winter lawn care tips

winter lawn treatment

Here are some tips for winter lawn care: Keep leaves and debris off the lawn: Leaves and debris can smother the grass and block sunlight, leading to a weaker lawn. Rake leaves and debris off the lawn regularly to keep the grass healthy. Fertilise the lawn: Fertilising the lawn in the fall can help promote…

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The environmental benefits of lawns

Lawns can provide a number of environmental benefits, including: Temperature regulation: Lawns help regulate temperature in urban areas by providing shading and reducing the heat island effect. This can help reduce energy consumption in buildings and decrease air pollution. Carbon sequestration: Lawns absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in the soil. This…

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Lawn Pests and Diseases

lawn pests

How common are lawn diseases and pests? Probably more common than many people realise.  However, there often go unnoticed even though we might be aware that the lawn is not looking too good.  With experience, they become easier to spot and often coincide with certain times of the year.  The good news is that most…

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Moss in lawns

moss control devon

Why is moss a problem? Moss is widely considered a serious problem in lawns. It competes with lawn grasses for water, light and nutrients and eventually will become the dominant plant and causes the lawn to look patchy.  It does not mow well and just makes a lawn look uncared for.  The presence of moss…

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Mowing tips

lawncare devon

Mowing is probably a marmite kind of job to you.  You either love it or hate it.  Either way, mowing is the single most important task we all carry out on our lawns.  Here are some basic tips and ground rules on mowing your lawn which will help most people keep their domestic lawns in…

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