RENEW - our Driveway and hard surface moss and weed treatment

Has your drive become a bit tired looking with grime , moss, algae, and weeds taking over every year.

Moss can build up quickly and certainly annually on hard surfaces such as drives and patios.  It is unsightly and a slippery falls hazard. Keeping on top of this is the best way to stay moss free.

RENEW is our treatment solution for these problems.

One treatment kills the moss, kills the weeds which are actively growing and stops new weeds from germinating for 4-6 months.  It also kills algae and gets rid of that unsightly green haze we don't like.

Why book RENEW for your drive:

  • less invasive than pressure washing and does not leave streaky mark from inaccurate pressure washing
  • cost- effective - price based on area treated starts at £45
  • no need to re-sand
  • save time and effort with our professional service

Do I need to do anything?

You may need to brush the surface to remove debris a week or two after treating  or we have an option to mechanically remove the moss after it has died back.  

How often should it be done?

Ideally once per year to keep your drive in excellent condition


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