Hydration and Water Save Treatment

Keeping lawns looking great can get difficult in dry periods during the summer.  Constant watering in sufficient quantities can be quite a challenge and expensive.

GreenHeart offer two treatments that can be particularly beneficial at this time.  Spiking and the application of our specialist watersave treatment.  Watersave is a carefully selected wetting agent which improves water retention in the soil profile and root zone of the lawn as well as the plants utilisation of the available water.

We have a special offer for all our customers whereby if  you order  spiking and water save treatment at the same time we will apply the water save treatment free


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Optional lawn treatments at this time of year

Identifying lawn diseases and undertaking effective treatment.

Adding seed and substrate to thicken & add nutrients and organic material.

Applying the right nutrients at the right time in the right way

Book your FREE Lawn Health Check & no-obligation quote