early summer lawn treatment

Our early summer treatment involves two operations - fertilizer for greening and growth and a herbicide application to control the weeds in your lawn to get that perfect manicured look most people are after.  Our summer feed has been carefully designed to provide the right nutrient balance at this time of year.

We want to encourage just the right amount of growth to give you the look you want without excessive mowing.  Many garden centre lawn fertilizers do just the opposite giving you excessive growth.  If this is not mowed regularly enough it becomes leggy and looks unkempt.  With our timed-release product applied in the right quantity, we ensure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs during an extended period of increased use.


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GreenHeart's other Essential Annual Treatments

As the ground warms up our feed treatment releases the right balance of nutrients over the next 10-12 weeks giving your lawn the perfect colour, thickness and appearance.  We also advise our customers on the benefits of aeration at this stage in the year.

An important treatment period often neglected in UK lawns.  We keep your lawn in top condition with a top-up in nutrients.  Soil quality must be maintained so we include a mix of microelements to improve the condition of your soil in August and early September.

As temperatures begin to cool down in the autumn our feed treatment applies just the right nutrients to strengthen the lawns root system and continues to provide the deep colour and strength of the grass which extends your season on the lawn as long as possible

Unfortunatly the climate in the Westcountry is ideally suited to moss growth in lawns.  Our  annual winter moss control stops it from thriving giving the grass more of the available space, oxygen and nutrients to come through the winter in good health.

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