Lawn Pest Control

Lawn pests often do their foul deeds out of sight under the surface of your lawn,  By the time you notice the problem they are well established in numbers and are doing significant damage to the lawn.  They tend to appear later in the growing season coinciding with a period when you want the lawn and garden to look at it best. 

GreenHeart can treat lawn pests to remove the problem and ensure your lawn stays beautiful throughout the growing season.  If you book a FREE Lawn Health Check we will identify the pests present in your lawn.  Chafer grubs and leatherjackets are two of the more common species we see in the Westcountry and we recommend the most cost-effective and efficient method of controlling them.  Understanding the life-cycle and stage of growth of lawn pests is crucial to effective treatment. We will happily tell you how to do the work yourself or provide you with our no-obligation quote for us to do it for you.

lawn pests

Book your FREE Lawn Health Check & no-obligation quote

Optional lawn treatments at this time of year

Identifying lawn diseases and undertaking effective treatment.

Applying the right nutrients at the right time in the right way

Adding seed and substrate to thicken & add nutrients and organic material.

Book your FREE Lawn Health Check & no-obligation quote