Moss in lawns

Moss is usually present in lawns in response to other lawn problems such as compaction, waterlogging, bare patches or an ageing lawn.  The best solution is to treat the underlying causes allowing moss to thrive

Where moss is present, whatever the cause, it is often advantageous to control and remove it.  This is because moss stifles lawn grasses and causes excess thatch to build up in your lawn.  Gradually it will become harder to mow and keep the lawn looking good.  Moss in lawns is controlled in three main ways;

  • a lawn treatment process to control the moss - it blackens and shrinks and can then be removed more easily or left to decompose over time
  • a mechanical process of scarification which physically removes the moss from the lawn with or without additional aeration which reduces compaction and gets nutrients into the lawns root zone
  • getting the lawns nutrition right with granular and liquid feed and fertilizer products during the year.

GreenHeart Annual Treatment Programmes attend to all these three control methods on your behalf.  Let's take a look at them in turn.

Moss treatment

We treat moss mainly during the winter but if your lawn requires it we will apply moss control multiple times during the season.

What does our moss control application consist of ; it will have some of the following ferrous or iron sulphate, ammonium sulphate and a wetting agent to help the treatment penetrate more deeply into the moss.  Iron, sulphur and ammonium are all also essential elements required for the healthy growth of grass so its win win.  When we control moss we also green up the lawn.  Iron is essential for the production of chlorophyl which is used in photsynthesis in plants.  In the winter, when light levels in the UK are lower, lawns typically die back and go yellow.  Iron helps to reverse this trend and helps the lawn be more resistant to winter conditions.

Or if you just want us to take a look at your moss problem and make some recommendations then book a free Lawn Health Check For more on moss read our blog here.

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Additional GreenHeart Treatments

Removing the thatch material between the base of the plants and the root zone to improve the health of the lawn.

A quality cost-effective and cheaper alternative to returfing your lawn

A quality cost-effective and cheaper alternative to returfing your lawn

Book your FREE Lawn Health Check & no-obligation quote