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Early-mid summer
Get the beautiful, healthy and green lawn you really want.
With our mid summer lawn feed treatment, We’ll do a weed or moss treatment for free at the same time.
I am 100% sure that working with Greenheart Lawn Treatments was the best choice we could have made. They have helped us create a beautiful lawn which everyone always comments on. They are reliable and local and very professional.
Mrs E Horne
Nr Yealmpton, South Devon

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GreenHeart Lawn Care - South Devon's Lawn Treatment Specialists

Choose GreenHeart because:

  1. We are a local and independent company.  Our success is based on our reputation for creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy and perfectly green lawns all year round
  2. We provide a cost-effective, and successful Essential Annual Lawn Treatment Programme to keep lawns beautiful, healthy and perfectly green all year round.
  3. Our Essential Programme provides 5 visits and up to 9 treatments as standard from only £8.33 per month
  4. Every potential new customer receives a free lawn health check and our lawn care recommendations with a no-obligation quote.
  5. Our latest proven fertiliser formulations and treatment application are based on the latest research in turf-management practices
  6. Our Treatment options are extensive and include moss and weed control, organic fertilizers, aeration and scarification, watersave treatments, reduced mowing treatment, pest and disease control.
  7. We treat all lawn sizes - tiny, small, medium and large and extra large lawns.
  8. We covering South Hams, South Devon, Dartmoor, Plymouth and Exeter areas.
  9. WE remove all green waste  from your property.
  10. All visit dates are pre-booked with reminders.
  11. We offer several Payment options including DirectDebit for our customers preference
  12. Customers are not tied to us  and can cancel our services at any time.

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About GreenHeart Lawn Care


Jim Hanbury founded and runs GreenHeart Lawn Care.  He started his career training in agronomy, soil science and grassland management and then worked for Hydro, the worlds largest supplier of fertilisers.  

Mildly obsessed with lawns, he enjoys helping customers get a healthy, beautiful looking lawn.  He has lived in South Devon all his life.

Jim believes that GreenHeart Lawn Care will provide the best possible service to its customers by combining bespoke treatments, knowledge of the area, science and the latest techniques, as well as lots of experience in lawn treatments and the long term improvement and care of lawns.

Every lawn is different.  We believe in offering every customer the best possible and most cost-effective treatment recommendations to give you a healthy beautiful looking lawn you will be proud of - a wonderful backdrop to the rest of your garden.


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Greenheart Lawn Care - Our Services Explained

Essential Annual Treatment Programme

The key to a beautiful healthy lawn is regular appropriate cultural operations and nutrient applications applied at the right time and in the right way.  We start with a visit, and a thorough lawn health check.  This is all free of charge.  We share this with you and chat with you about your current lawn condition. 

Following this, we create your personalised recommendations for an essential treatment programme.  This will be a minimum of 5 visits and at least 7 different treatments for your lawn depending on your lawn health check.  We will offer you a no-obligation quote to provide this service for you.  We do everything we can to keep our quote as cost-effective for you and it will certainly be cheaper than you can do it for yourself.

Lawn care services

Every lawn is different and we provide all the services you need to give you the beautiful and healthy lawn you want - all from one local and reliable company.

As well as our Essential Annual Treatment Plan your lawn may need additional treatments such as scarifying or spiking in hot weather. 

Very old lawns or those in particularly poor condition may need renovating, overseeding and occasionally a complete lawn makeover is the most cost-effective option.

WE have organic options for fertilizers and hydration treatments and other specialist treatments for pests and disease are also available as needed.  We offer a range of methods for weed and moss control.

Help and Advice

We enjoy giving advice and helping our customers work through problems with their lawns.  We freely share what we know about modern turf care, grassland nutrition and treatments.  It's all part of the journey to a beautiful healthy lawn.

Here are a selection of articles on lawn care to keep your lawn in fantastic condition and looking great all year round.

We keep up to date with what's going on in our industry and we are happy to keep you informed if we think it will be interesting or helpful.

If you ever have an issue with your lawn please don't let it linger.  It will probably get worse.  Give us a call we will happily visit you by appointment and give your lawn a free Lawn Health Check.

GreenHeart's Essential Annual Treatment Programme

As the ground warms up our feed treatment releases the right balance of nutrients over the next 10-12 weeks giving your lawn the perfect colour, thickness and appearance.  We also advise our customers on the benefits of aeration at this stage in the year.

Our summer feed encourages just the right amount of growth to give your lawn the look you want without excessive mowing.  This formulation has a timed release which  ensures the lawn is getting the nutrients it needs during a period of increased use.

An important treatment period often neglected in UK lawns.  We keep your lawn in top condition with a top-up in nutrients.  Soil quality must be maintained so we include a mix of microelements to improve the condition of your soil in August and early September.

As temperatures begin to cool down in the autumn our feed treatment applies just the right nutrients to strengthen the lawns root system and continues to provide the deep colour and strength of the grass which extends your season on the lawn as long as possible

Unfortunatly the climate in the Westcountry is ideally suited to moss growth in lawns.  Our  annual winter moss control stops it from thriving giving the grass more of the available space, oxygen and nutrients to come through the winter in good health.

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GreenHeart Prices

We aim to be the most competitive lawn treatment service in your area and to do a professional job far more cheaply than you could do it yourself.  Prices below are based on a lawn size of 40sq m.  Our quotes are based on our lawn analysis and an accurate assessment of the size of your lawn.

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GreenHeart Lawn treatments - What Our Customers Say

Mr Collins

Shiphay, Torquay

Greenheart helped me renovate our lawn when we moved in three years ago . It's only a small lawn and we use their annual treatment programme which we find excellent value for money.  Greenheart visit at least five times a year.  They are so reliable.  Honestly - our lawn looks amazing and all I do is cut it!

Mrs Booth

Preston, Paignton

Our family uses the lawn a lot!  GreenHeart came in and professionally scarified and hollow tined the lawn.  It was impressive to watch and what a difference it made within a couple of weeks.  Now they look after the lawn with regular treatments.  Despite the hammering we give the lawn it looks great.  Thank you GreenHeart.

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Create a beautiful healthy lawn Seasonal lawn care tips

As the seasons change so does good lawn care.  We'll send you our latest insights, tips and ideas to help you keep your lawn in tip-top condition.  Whether you are an improver or a maintainer our tips will offer you something extra towards achieving a healthy beautiful lawn.

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Quality Assured


Some of our treatments are covered under government safety regulations for safe application.  They require the appropriate training certification.  All our staff involved in these processes are fully qualified.  This ensures that all of our services are safely and professionally applied to our customers lawns.   Our methods and products are 100% petsafe, children friendly and do not harm wildlife.

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As members of the  UK Lawn Association we undertake our operations and apply our treatments to your lawn with the utmost care and consistency.  We are very precise with our operating procedures to ensure the quality of the service you receive.  We always tidy and remove all green waste from your lawn subject to alternative arrangements.

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