Dear Proud Homeowner

You deserve a beautiful, healthy and green lawn!

Having a beautiful healthy lawn that is weed, moss, pest and disease-free and a smart vibrant green colour is a great way to show off your garden and extend your outdoor space.  And it is not too much to ask.  It's understandable that you want to get your lawn sorted properly.

Many of us have great lawn intentions but life gets in the way.  If we are honest, sometimes we are not quite sure of the best thing for our lawn, the right product or the best timings.  It's a all a bit of a recipe for still being repeatedly disappointed with a lawn you want to be better.

GreenHeart Essential Annual Lawn Treatment Programme

Our annual programme is based on a thorough lawn analysis of your lawn because every lawn is different.  What is good for one lawn may not be good for another.

When you choose GreenHeart Lawn Care to treat your lawn you get a bespoke, personal and dedicated service for your lawn, and the same dedicated lawn manager working with you all year round to help you get the best from your lawn.

An annual plan ensures your lawn receives a thoroughly professional service.  It is the consistency of the right treatment at the right time using the right method which is the key to a beautiful, healthy perfectly green lawn.


GreenHeart will help you achieve a lawn you will be proud to show to your friends and neighbours!


GreenHeart Essential Annual Lawn Treatment Programme

Here's what you can expect from our programme...

  • a bespoke, tailored and unique service for your lawn based on a clear understanding of what you want from your lawn.  We only recommend a specific treatment plan after visiting your lawn
  • a FREE Lawn Health Check for your residence.  There is no obligation for you to buy anything.  We will report to you the current condition of your lawn.  This also helps us recommend to you the best and most cost-effective treatment programme
  • a minimum of 5 visits to your lawn throughout the year. A consistent approach to your lawn is what gets the results you want.
  • a minimum of 7 individual treatments applied to your lawn
  • regular FREE check-ups. At least every 10 weeks your lawn manager will check that the treatments are working.  Any issues, within the scope of our treatments and capability and we sort them free of charge.
  • all our customers will receive the best expert advice on maintaining your lawn.  Regular cutting tips on keeping your fantastic looking lawn at its best for as long as possible.
  • great results after only one treatment visit.  You will see dramatic results within a few weeks.
  • You get a friendly dedicated lawn manager.  You can contact us at any time.  We will know you and your lawn and will respond to any problems.  We are in your area every day!

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