Premier Annual Lawn Treatment Programme

For the best possible lawn and/or for special occasions!

Like the Essential and the Essential Plus+ Programme the Premier Programme also provides the varying seasonal nutritional needs of the lawn all year round and controls weeds and moss.  It is based on our seasonal approach to lawn treatments and proven fertiliser formulations.

This programme is GreenHeart's top of the range lawn treatment programme containing all of the treatments in the Essential Plus+ Programme plus three advanced features:

GreenHeart "WaterSave" - a wetting agent treatment which increases the availability of water in the soil during the summer making more efficient use of rainfall and reducing dependency on irrigation.  It increases the resilience of the lawn in dry periods and drought conditions.

GreenHeart "LessMow" - a growth regulator treatment which has two benefits - reducing the amount of cutting necessary in the height of season and improving root growth to thicken the lawn up.

GreenHeart "Warrior" - a fungicide treatment for disease control   particularly helping to control red-thread in the Westcountry in the early part of the summer which can discolour lawns when we want them looking at there best.

The programme includes:

  • 5 lawn visits during the year
  • 7-9 treatments applied
  • 2x timed, slow release fertiliser treatments
  • 3x liquid fertiliser treatments
  • 3x bio-stimulant and soil conditioning treatments
  • 2x weed control treatments
  • 1.5 moss control treatments


  • Aeration* and Over-seeding


  • GreenHeart "WaterSave" - a wetting agent treatment for summer resilience.
  • GreenHeart "LessMow" - a growth regulator treatment which  reduces the amount of cutting and thickens the lawn up.
  • GreenHeart "Warrior" - a fungicide treatment for disease control   to keep the lawn looking beautiful during the growth season.

*Aeration reduces and alleviates compaction caused over time and in areas of high traffic.  Regular aeration improves the soil structure in the rootzone improving the roots access to oxygen, water and nutrients every season.

For more detail on these treatments go to our individual treatment pages.


GreenHeart will help you achieve a lawn you will be proud to show to your friends and neighbours!


GreenHeart Annual Lawn Treatment Programmes

Here's what you can expect from any of our programmes...

  • a bespoke, tailored and unique service for your lawn based on a clear understanding of what you want from your lawn.  We only recommend a specific treatment plan after visiting your lawn
  • a FREE Lawn Health Check for your residence.  There is no obligation for you to buy anything.  We will report to you the current condition of your lawn.  This also helps us recommend to you the best and most cost-effective treatment programme
  • a minimum of 5 visits to your lawn throughout the year. A consistent approach to your lawn is what gets the results you want.
  • a minimum of 7 individual treatments applied to your lawn
  • regular FREE check-ups. At least every 10 weeks your lawn manager will check that the treatments are working.  Any issues, within the scope of our treatments and capability and we sort them free of charge.
  • all our customers will receive the best expert advice on maintaining your lawn.  Regular cutting tips on keeping your  lawn looking at its best for as long as possible.
  • great results after only one treatment visit.  You will see dramatic results within a few weeks.
  • You get a friendly dedicated lawn manager.  You can contact us at any time.  We will know you and your lawn and will respond to any problems.  We are frequently passing - it's no trouble!

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