Lawn Weed Control

There is nothing better than a well manicured lawn to offset the rest of your garden.  Lawn weeds are unsightly and detract from the look most people want.  They compete with lawn grasses for moisture and nutrients and spread easily to other parts of the garden.  

There are many common weeds which can appear in lawns.  UK conditions are often perfect for their continued germination.  They easily spread from neighbouring land.  Left untreated they can literally infest a lawn

Fortunately Greenheart can control most if not all of the weeds in your lawn. The first method is by cultural methods such as scarification or manual removal. 

The second is by the application of a selective herbicide in the right amount at the right time of year. Weed control treatment is an integral part of our Essential Annual Treatment Programme.  We are always happy to discuss particular weed problems in your lawn and indeed on your property generally as we also treat weeds on paths, drives and patios.

Please note our "environmental pledge"

When we do our free Lawn Health Check we identify all the weeds present in your lawn and will make recommendations to you on how to eliminate them.  We are trained and licensed in the safe use of spray applications and will conduct these operations efficiently and safely on your behalf.  This means that whenever we use herbicides we undertake an assessment of things like the weather that day and expected in the period after the application. We will use the minimum amount of herbicide to control the weeds effectively.  Wherever possible we spot treat the weeds and do not blanket treat the whole lawn.  All our products are pet friendly and we always advise if pets should be kept off the lawn for a couple of hours after treatment.


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