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Absolutely not.  All our services are provided without a contract.  You can cancel our services whenever you want

For a more in-depth conversation ring Jim Hanbury on +44 07702244234

After every treatment and visit we provide you with an invoice.  Usually by email but paper if you prefer.  You can pay by cash, cheque or online banking.  Or you can pay by Direct Debit and spread the cost over 12 months.  We offer a discount for Direct Debit as it helps keep our costs down.

We would be sorry to lose you as a customer but you simply contact us to cancel your next visit and treatment.  You would have to pay for any treatments already received.

Definitely - every lawn is worth some extra TLC - restoring or renovating.  Even treating without any other services such as scarifying or aeration.  We'll give you some options from basic to more extensive with the costs involved and you can decide.

When you book with us we'll agree the date of your first visit.  After each treatment we inform you of the subsequent visit date and we also inform you the week and the day before each treatment.  Also you can always change a treatment date that is not convenient for you for any reason whatsoever.

Topic 2

The moss may start to darken in colour.  It is best if you can rake the moss out of the lawn. Scarifying is ideal which is like a mechanical rake which is very efficient.  Scarification is one of our services which you can order from us and which will save you a lot of hard work.  We remove all the moss from your premises when the job is finished.  Scarification is best carried out in seasons other than summer.

The most important thing you can do is cut it regularly.  Once a week is best.  Keeping a sharp blade on your mower keeps grass plants in better condition.  Water thoroughly when it is very dry.  Keep an eye on your lawn and let us know if you are concerned about anything in particular you observe.

Thatch is a layer of dead and live material in between the soil and base of the grass stems.  Too much is problem because it stops air, water and nutrients getting to the roots of the plant.  Our lawn analysis takes a soil profile sample to visually inspect the state of the thatch layer.  Regular or occasional scarification takes care of most thatch issues.

Lawns that are not looking best often have compaction as part of the problem.  lawns can have a lot of traffic which over time compresses the soil particles.  This can be the cause of other problems such as weeds, poor quality and weak grass plants, waterlogging and especially moss in the winter months.  A mechanical treatment such as aeration and scarifications gets to the cause of the problem rather than the symptoms.  Its best to take advice from us first.

Leave the lawn for 2 days - preferably 3 - then carry on cutting as normal.

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