Hard Surface Cleaning with moss and algae control

For many people a tidy drive is important as it is the first impression on arriving at your property.  Grimy surfaces, moss, algae and weeds detract from the look you want and can contribute to the risk of falls due to slippery surfaces.

We are ideally equipped to help you keep all your outdoor flat surfaces clean and ready for your enjoyment and leisure time whenever you want.

Whatever the types of external hard surfaces on your property, , we can help you keep them clean.  Block paving, tarmac, concrete driveways.  Patios of all types including sandstone and limestone.  Solid Garden pathways can be cleaned.  

We try to avoid pressure washing by using a biocide soft washing method and gentle agitation.  This deals with the cause of problems and kills spores.  Two visits a year will give you that "just like new" look which is so pleasing.  We actively discourage pressure washing which can damage expensive surfaces and lift grout.  However, we are happy to visit and make recommendations.

Ask for a visit using any of the forms on this website and we will be pleased to visit your property and advise

  1. Paths, patios and driveways.
  2. Deals with algae, moss and weeds
  3. Treatments very long-lasting
  4. Your treatment recommendation depends on your surface and its condition
  5. We discourage pressure washing which can damage surfaces

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Optional lawn treatments at this time of year

Identifying lawn diseases and undertaking effective treatment.

Removal and treatment of moss on hard surfaces.

Total or spot treatment as required

Book your FREE Lawn Health Check & no-obligation quote