Hard Surface Cleaning for your patio, paths or driveway

A tidy drive gives a good first impression first impression.  Our cleaning treatment deals with grimy surfaces, moss, and algae and reduces the risk of falls due to slippery surfaces.

Our best selling treatment cleans block paving, concrete driveways, decking, driveways and patios  Patios of all types including sandstone and limestone.  Solid Garden pathways can be cleaned.  

Once applied our treatment goes to work killing spores, mold and other growth within 3-5 days.  It continues to work with a secondary detergent action which continues to clean the surface for weeks and months after treatment.

Benefits of Greenheart Hard Surface Cleaning:

  • it avoids pressure washing which can be aggressive on expensive surfaces
  • suitable for nearly all surfaces including rendering, mortar and glass 
  • long lasting.  Treatment residues remain on the surface and protects against regrowth. This deals with the cause of problems and kills spores. 

This service leaves you that "just like new" look which is so pleasing.  We are happy to visit and make recommendations.  Combine this treatment with our weed control on hard surfaces for the complete year round solution.

Ask for a visit using any of the free health check forms on this website and we will be pleased to visit your property and advise.

  1. Paths, patios and driveways.
  2. Deals with algae, moss and weeds
  3. Treatments very long-lasting
  4. Your treatment recommendation depends on your surface and its condition
  5. We discourage pressure washing which can damage surfaces

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Optional lawn treatments at this time of year

Identifying lawn diseases and undertaking effective treatment.

Removal and treatment of moss on hard surfaces.

Total or spot treatment as required

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