Mid-late summer lawn treatment

Our mid-late summer treatment is a high-quality organic fertiliser application that releases its nutrients over several weeks.  Many ordinary products release their nitrogen content too quickly and this burns the grass leaving it scorched with bare patches for the rest of the season

This season typically sees the hottest months coinciding with the months when most people enjoy using their lawns the most and when they would like them looking their best.

Our professional treatment ensures the right micro and macronutrients to build resistance to drier conditions and even drought.  

We also offer additional treatments such as spiking and our "watersave" treatment which is a specialist wetting agent which helps save watering by increasing the utilisation of existing water in the soil profile.  All these options will be explained to you when you request a free lawn health check and recommendations.


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Other treatments in our Essential Annual Programme

As the ground warms up our feed treatment releases the right balance of nutrients over the next 10-12 weeks giving your lawn the perfect colour, thickness and appearance.  We also advise our customers on the benefits of aeration at this stage in the year.

Our summer feed encourages just the right amount of growth to give your lawn the look you want without excessive mowing.  This formulation has a timed release which  ensures the lawn is getting the nutrients it needs during a period of increased use.

As temperatures begin to cool down in the autumn our feed treatment applies just the right nutrients to strengthen the lawns root system and continues to provide the deep colour and strength of the grass which extends your season on the lawn as long as possible

Unfortunatly the climate in the Westcountry is ideally suited to moss growth in lawns.  Our  annual winter moss control stops it from thriving giving the grass more of the available space, oxygen and nutrients to come through the winter in good health.

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