Hard Surface Weed Control

Weeds on drives and patios are very annoying, look unsightly and can damage the structure of the surface.  The weeds also have a habit of returning all too quickly after you think you have dealt with them.  Repeated applications with products from garden centres and mail-order seem ineffective and very short term.  Professional treatment gives weed control at another level leaving you more time to enjoy a weed-free environment during the year.

When we apply GreenHeart Complete Hard Surface Weed Control Treatment we guarantee to treat 100% of the weeds.  This treatment has two parts.  Firstly it is systemic which means it kills the plant from the roots so that the plant can not reestablish after a few weeks.  Secondly, we will also apply a separate residual treatment that will stop new weeds from establishing from seed for several months.

We guarantee that our treatment applied by us twice a year will be sufficient in nearly all circumstances to keep your drives, paths and patios looking totally weed-free all year round.


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