Lawn Aeration

Lawns need to breath!

Oxygen needs to get to the roots so that they can grow and thrive.  On a lot of lawns thatch and moss builds up and stops water and nutrients getting through this first thatch layer into the roots.  Also lawns that are used a lot gradually become compacted.  This may not be particularly noticeable but it also stops oxygen getting to the roots

Aeration is probably the single most important regular mechanical treatment which should be carried out on most lawns.  Slitting, fracture, solid and hollow tining aeration are the common options.  Picking the right one is very important and we can advise.  If you do not have the right equipment let us know as we carry all types.

The purpose is to relieve compaction, breaking through sub-surface thatch and allow better movement of nutrients and water into the root zone.

We offer the right aeration treatment for your lawn after conducting your free Lawn Health Check.  Generally, we recommend this be carried out annually in the spring or autumn.  We can do this as a one-off treatment or as part of our annual Essential Treatment Plan.


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Other GreenHeart optional treatments

No matter how severe your moss problem we can get it under control with dramatic results within hours.

A mechanical process to remove thatch.

Adding seed and substrate to thicken & add nutrients and organic material.

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