Full lawn-makeover

For all sorts of reasons occasionally lawns just do get past their sell-by date.  Like all living plants, the grass plant does not live forever.

GreenHeart will transform your old lawn into a new lawn without going to the expense and effort of buying new lawn turf which is traditionally the most expensive method of installing a new lawn.  Turfing generally gives you no control over the selection of the grass seed mixtures you need for your garden.  In fact, turf laid lawns often have a high proportion of fescues in them as it suits the grower rather than the final destination garden.

A full lawn make-over allows us to attend to any structural problems such as compaction and to completely remove the old grass and any weeds. 

Typically this service is best undertaken in spring or autumn. Our service includes thoroughly surveying the existing lawn, looking at the soil profile and structure.  We will then desiccate by spraying your existing lawn and leave it for 2 weeks.  Then we will return to prepare your new lawns' seedbed.  We sow the highest quality grass seed mix carefully chosen for your particular lawn, apply the right treatments.  We discuss and help you set up a watering system for the first 4 weeks to ensure the grass gets established.  We visit a minimum of twice after sowing to check everyone is going well and to put more seed into any thin patches.


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