Lawn Disease Control

Lawn disease, usually fungus are surprisingly common in South West lawns.  Some are relatively harmless and will disappear before they cause noticeable harm to your lawn.  However, others can cause significant damage to your lawn and spoil the look you have been working hard to achieve.

If you are concerned that there may be disease in your lawn book a FREE GreenHeart Lawn Health Check and we will help you accurately identify and diagnose what is present and offer some recommendations on appropriate courses of action.

GreenHeart will carry out a diagnosis for you and recommend means of control.  We will offer you a no-obligation quote for us to do the work for you or signpost and advise you on undertaking treatment yourself.

It is true that often the best way of preventing the build-up of disease is to regularly treat your lawn for optimum health.  AS part of your FREE Lawn Health Check we can tell you about our Essential Annual Lawn Treatment Programme which supplies all the nutrients and control treatments that a perfectly green, beautiful and healthy lawn requires to look great all year

For more detailed information on lawn disease read click here.


Book your FREE Lawn Health Check & no-obligation quote

Additional GreenHeart Treatments

Removing thatch and unwanted organic matter from top layer of soil and base of the grass plant

Identifying pests and applying control methods as required

Optional spiking followed by our water save treatment - aptly called WaterWise.

Book your FREE Lawn Health Check & no-obligation quote