GreenHeart' Lawn Care - Our Purpose

First-class customer service by;

  • Creating healthy and beautiful lawns for living on and looking at.  Lawns add usable natural outdoor space for your lifestyle.  They add family space and bring out the best in the rest of your garden.
  • Providing regular service to our customers lawns in the form of nutrients, weed control and other mechanical operations at the right times during the year saving them time and effort
  • Doing the above in the most cost-effective way possible using the latest nutrient fertilizer technology and specialist equipment.

Why lawn care is so important.

People increasingly value our outdoor spaces, and especially our gardens.  Lawns provide an environmentally friendly and pleasant place for family and friends to enjoy.  Many people love the look of a well-kept lawn and are proud to keep their lawn in the best possible condition.  

It does take a bit of time and effort though.  More than just regular cutting - lawns need regular nutrition, weed and moss control and regular aeration to get the best from them.  But with these lawn care tasks taken care of, they are actually resilient hard-wearing natural surfaces.  They provide a great deal of trouble-free enjoyment and become a perfect setting for the rest of the garden.  They are great for the soil and environment too and actively contribute to combating climate change.


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We start by looking at your lawn.......

Our service starts with a thorough analysis of your lawn and a chat to understand your needs and requirements.

We're happy make some recommendations there and then and offer you a fully priced package of lawn care.  Most people are amazed at the price and value for money we offer.

We do everything for lawns except mow them!

One size does not fit all lawns .......

Every lawn is different.

Different aspect, different soil, different history, different usage requirements.  All these elements combine to create your lawn as it is today.  Taking everything into account enables us to make the most cost-effective recommendations to improve or maintain your lawn.

We select from a range bespoke treatments to immediately start making a difference to the health and look of your lawn.

Caring for your lawn is a partnership between you and GreenHeart .......

Keeping in touch with you is important to us.  You will always know when we are coming and when we have been.  We will let you know if we see anything significant with regard to your lawn.

We closely inspect your lawn during each visit, update our notes, adjust our recommendations if necessary and keep you informed.