Organic lawn care

GreenHeart can deliver 100% organic fertilizer as part of your Essential Annual Lawn Treatment programme.  We would be delighted to talk this through with you when we do a free Lawn Health Check for you.

Please note, however, our normal Essential Annual Lawn Treatment Programme does include a proportion of organic feed as standard.  We deliberately use less nitrogen than many of our competitors without compromising the results we know our customers want.  We find that with careful planning organic treatments give better sustained results.

Weed control through organic methods is more difficult though we can make a few suggestions here as well.  Some of our organic preferring customers allow us to use a single application of herbicide during the year as a means of helping them control difficult broadleaved weeds in lawn grasses.  These are all things to discuss when you call us in for a FREE Lawn Health Check.


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Other GreenHeart Lawn Services

Identifying lawn diseases and undertaking effective treatment.

Removing thatch material from the base of the lawn to improve overall health.

Pests can quickly cause a lot of lawn destruction.  We can help you minimise the damage.

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