Fertiliser application

A green healthy and beautiful lawn has complex needs in terms of plant nutrition.  It is important to get the blend of macro and micronutrients right throughout the year.  Timing the application of fertilisers is also important to coincide with the active growing season but also to prepare the lawn for hot and dry periods in the winter,  the wet and cooler autumn months and for the winter period when growth slows or stops completely depending on the ground temperature.

Greenheart has created an essential programme of lawn nutrition to ensure the lawn gets all the feed it needs.  Our unique formulations are ideally suited to both the area and domestic lawns.  Some customers are interested in the detail of our products and we are always happy to discuss them in more detail. Much of today's amenity grassland management knowledge and practice has come from the sports-turf industry such as golf and playing field requirements.  We stay up-to-date on developments and research and bring the latest practices into our treatment programmes to benefit our customer's lawns.

Our formulations are at the cutting edge of lawn fertiliser technology.  Our Essential Annual Treatment Programme includes fertilisers which are slow-release, timed-release and in both granular and liquid form.


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Optional lawn care treatments at this time of year

A multi-purpose mechanical process which increases water, nutrient and oxygen supply to the grass.

A range of treatments depending on species and scale of the problem

A mechanical process to remove thatch.

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