winter lawn treatment

Winter lawn care tips

Here are some tips for winter lawn care:

  1. Keep leaves and debris off the lawn: Leaves and debris can smother the grass and block sunlight, leading to a weaker lawn. Rake leaves and debris off the lawn regularly to keep the grass healthy.
  2. Fertilise the lawn: Fertilising the lawn in the fall can help promote healthy growth in the spring. Choose a fertiliser that is high in phosphorus and potassium to help the grass survive the winter.
  3. Protect the lawn from frost: Frost can damage the grass, leading to brown patches in the spring. To protect the lawn from frost, consider applying a winter lawn treatment.
  4. Avoid walking on the lawn: Foot traffic can damage the grass and lead to compaction, so try to minimize walking on the lawn during the winter.
  5. Mow the lawn: Mowing the lawn during the winter can help remove dead grass and keep the lawn looking neat. However, be sure to set the mower blade to a higher setting to prevent damage to the grass.
  6. Remove garden furniture and other items from lawn surfaces as these will create bare patches.

Follow these tips to ensure your lawn comes out of the winter in the best shape for the start of the growing season.

GreenHeart Lawn Care can provide the autumn and winter treatments your lawn needs to survive the winter in the best possible condition.  Our winter treatment is the main moss control treatment of the year.